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My Favorite Stories of 2016 (Video)
2016 has not been a happy year for a lot of people unless you're a Trump supporter, there've been many depressing stories and many celebrity deaths that made a lot of people very sad, but there were some good stories to come out of 2016.
The Pop Culture Conspiracy (Video)
DJ Supreme thinks that I'm crazy! I think that I am on to something and I am making 'them' nervous, because I have been saying it for years: this is how they collectively 'dumb it down' sad part is that it works.
Today Dan America Turns Old (Video NSFW)
I share my birthday with Fidel Castro and Alfred Hitchcock, the number 13 is very unlucky though, it's probably why it is also Danny Bonaduce's birthday, it's also International left-handed day.
Is Caitlyn Jenner A Hero? (Video)
Recently I returned to the set of 'Great Debaters' to have a little debate with DJ Supreme of Hot 99.1 and local Comedian Jaye McBride, our topic this time was "Is Caitlyn Jenner A Hero?"
Dan America’s Naughty & Nice List 2014 (NSFW)
Did I mention I do Stand-Up Comedy? This is my equivalent to a end of the year review, however I will be giving my actual end of the year review set tomorrow at Everydays in Albany. This is my more Christmas themed version. Oh and it is definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK.
Breaking News: Who Cares If Kim K. Was In The Albany Area
'OMG I just heard Kim Kardashian is at Colonie Center' rang from the bowels of social media yesterday as the 'The Braveheart of Creativity' brought his 'Yeezus Tour' to the TU. A tour that should have filled more seats considering Kayne West thinks of himself as the sec…
Twitter Reacts to Baby North West
If you've been dying to find out what Kim Kardashian and Kanye's baby's name is, well, you can finally settle up all your office bets. Kimye went with North. That's right, their little girl's name is North West. Here's how the internet is reacting to this news...

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