Bottle Bombs Net Two Albany Area Teens Felony Charges
As a kid, I remember filling plastic soda containers with gas and trying to blow them up. Fortunately for me, it never worked. Probably had something to do with my fuse wire and the fact someone was watching over me, cause I was dumb.
Easter Egg Hunts Are A Terrible Idea
Easter is right round the corner and what better way to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ than hiding decorative eggs all around the house and yard. I've only participated in a handful of Easter egg hunts but that was enough for me to learn they are a BAD IDEA.
Father Son Debate is the Greatest Video on the Net
Leading up to the birth of my son, his mother and I always told each other: 'Never talk to him like a baby.' No gaga or googoo, none! Looking back it was one of the best decisions we made in the beginning stages of parenthood.
Cute Kid Hit With Surprise After Running Up Slide
'Daddy, watch me' are three of my favorite words. When my kid drops those three words I know something is either going to be awesome or will cause me to say 'shake it off buddy, you're going to be fine' to him as he does something painful.
‘Try Not Having Kids’ Pharmaceutical Commercial Spoof
Does it feel like everyone around you is having kids these days? Are you getting bombarded with the 'when are you going to have kids' question? Are you feeling peep pressure to have kids?
Well, try 'Not Having Kids.' This latest viral hit from Jason Messina, which is a pharmaceutical commercial spoof…
This Kid Needs Some Serious Help
The Internet has long been a source of great videos of cats, fails, and even cut kids.
This video falls in the category of the third and even though the kid's parents thought it was cute to film this, he will hate them later in life.
(Side note: this sounds like something a friend of mine would s…

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