kanye west

The Pop Culture Conspiracy (Video)
DJ Supreme thinks that I'm crazy! I think that I am on to something and I am making 'them' nervous, because I have been saying it for years: this is how they collectively 'dumb it down' sad part is that it works.
Great Debaters Debating (Videos)
This morning on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show there was a heated debate with 2 callers, things cooled down, but the segment gave me an excuse to mention the Great Debaters, DJ Supreme and me!
Is Caitlyn Jenner A Hero? (Video)
Recently I returned to the set of 'Great Debaters' to have a little debate with DJ Supreme of Hot 99.1 and local Comedian Jaye McBride, our topic this time was "Is Caitlyn Jenner A Hero?"
Beck Turns 45 Today (Video)
I feel so young knowing that Beck is celebrating his 45th birthday today, because he knows where it's at, maybe for his birthday Kanye will give him a new turn table and a microphone.

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