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‘Runner Runner’ Review
“What can't Justin Timberlake do?” said the internet after the performer dominated 2013 with the release of two albums, a musical turn in Cannes favorite 'Inside Llewyn Davis,' and a handful of Jimmy Fallon late-night sketches that all went viral. 'Runner Runner' suggests there's really one thing: c…
MySpace To Come Back Thanks To Justin Timberlake
Remember MySpace?  Before we had mega social media hits Facebook and Twitter, we all used this thing called MySpace.  It was HUGE.  Now, today, with roughly one billion less users than Facebook, some of us have never even heard of the page.  Enter music mogul Justin Timberlake. &…
Betty White Declines Marine Ball Invite
That’s too bad considering of all the invites between Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake and herself, that Betty White’s invite from Sgt. Ray Lewis was the only one that had any class to it.