Icicles look cool but they are very dangerous because they can fall on you, your car, or your dog. Or, they can get too heavy and rip chunks of your house off and the chunks can fall on you, your car, or your dog, but they still look cool.
Cool Off With This Chilly View of Thacher Park [VIDEO]
Welp, winter is officially gone, an after-thought at this point. Soon, people will start complaining that it's too hot as summer's mayhem eventually becomes over bearing and sweaty. Watch this when you feel like littering social media with thermometer pics and hatred towards warmth.
Subzero Pee In Minnesota NSFW [VIDEO]
After someone shows you how to throw boiling water into the freezing air there is only one logical thing to do next. Clearly, the next step is exactly what these young bros have done and that’s take an icy cold pee icicle on your parents front lawn.

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