5 of the Worst Post-Halloween November Things
Halloween, my favorite holiday, is over.   Candy hangovers (and maybe regular hangovers for some of you) struck full-force this morning.  It's still the middle of the work week.  It's like waking up on the worst side of the bed!  Now, some people I know LOVE this time o…
A Deathly Bug Going Around this Halloween
And by 'Deathly Bug,' we're talking Rock Girl Tatiana's Halloween costume this weekend.  A total pun on healthcare, with some of her nurse humor thrown in, and inspired by the idea of the 'death moth' from "Silence of the Lambs."  As promised…
Top 8 Halloween Costumes of 2017
If you are in need of a last minute Halloween costume idea, maybe take some inspiration from this list as these are the most popular ones in the country.
5 Horror Movies For Halloween!
Maybe you don't have kids and are too old to trick or treat.  Or maybe you're an anti-social and just plain don't want to deal with people on the holiday.  What's better than a solid horror movie marathon for Halloween!  You've only got a few days until communities get overtaken by kids in costumes,…

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