Why Didn’t You Watch the Grammy Awards?
Last night at the 2017 Grammy Awards people sang, people cried, people said things about Trump and people got upset about things but that is just what I heard because I did not watch the Grammy Awards I watched WWE Elimination Chamber instead.
I Was Very Confused While Watching The 2015 Grammy Awards
I knew that there was something off about the Grammys when I did not recognize the performing artist walking through the woods. I thought that the Grammys took place indoors. Then I saw Madonna, but did not know why she was trapped underneath some debris, then the man I thought was Kanye stabbed her…
2014 Grammy Awards Winners
While the 2014 Grammys are over and done, and few rock and metal luminaries walked away with big awards. Most of the rock awards were handed out during the untelevised pre-ceremony, which began at 1PM PT on Sunday (Jan. 26) in Los Angeles. Early rock winners included Dave Grohl's 'Sound City: Real t…
All Things “Naughty” Banned From Grammy’s
CBS is out to make sure that no Janet Jackson nip-slip ever happens on the Grammy's this Sunday. Literally anything that can be seen as naughty - breasts, buttocks, and genitals - are all banned from the broadcast and a note was sent to all attending.

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