NYS Has Deemed This House Haunted
I don't know what is scarier the fact that this house is legit haunted or that New York actually stepped out on a limb to declare it so, which usually doesn't happen.
Is Your Home Haunted?
It's a gloomy, grey Monday morning in the middle of October it reminds me of the opening scene to a scary movie, so why not share some ghost stories?
Haunted Capital Region (Video)
It's that time of the year when things are a bit more scary then usual, but where are the scariest places in the capital region?
I have been to Forest Park Cemetery in Troy, I have waited to hear the native American princess in Cohoes, I have been to the abandoned asylum, Professor Java's a…
Real Ghost? Man Makes You Second Guess Your Halloween Decorations
Halloween, the greatest day on the planet for some and a sugary high lasting days and days and days for others. Ghosts, goblins, tricks and treats- it's Halloween my friend, let's do this thing up like a rockstar, like this guy.
I mean seriously, to create a flying ghost out of an RC plane …
Catholic Church Creates Exorcism Hotline
Have you ever found yourself battling a demon but couldn't easily locate a priest to help with an exorcism? Well, the Catholic diocese of Milan is here to help with a special exorcism hotline, which will quickly dispatch a priest to deal with the unclean spirit. Finally, an answer to the questi…