Vote Tomorrow For America
Dan America and Q103 want to remind you to vote tomorrow because it's Election Day 2016 and most Americans will be voting tomorrow so you should too.
What Is Your Catchphrase?
On the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they played the Catchphrase Game, Free Beer would name a sitcom and the rest of the guys had to say all the catchphrases from each show, it made me ask myself if I ever had a catchphrase?
Reboot Columbus Day
I hate it when they reboot classic movies from the 1980's and 1990's but it makes sense to reboot Columbus Day because I think America has reached a point where we are well aware of the fact that Columbus did not discover America.
Wendy’s Has The Fastest Drive-Thru
According to QSR Magazine, Wendy's is the fastest of all the fast foods but not the most accurate, but that's ok because some people love to complain more then they like to eat.
The Worst Witch [Video]
My Festive Movie Marathon continues and one of my favorite movies to watch this time of the year is 'The Worst Witch' but my wife hates it, and my son wanted to watch Monster Trucks instead, so I had to watch it alone.... again....
Anonymous Support Groups
On the "Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show," the guys asked listeners to call in and make anonymous confessions like one would if attending an Anonymous Support Group. Most of them were ether boring or offensive.
The Week 1 Hangover.
Yesterday was the first full day of NFL Football and we still have two Monday Night games to go, but for some people the damage has already been done and sick days are being used.
Dear, Hopeful Rock Girls
The search for the new Rock Girl starts today and I have a few suggestions: Must love Rock. Well that is obvious but it's important, I have more suggestions.

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