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The Capital Region Is Full Of It! (NSFW Language)
Last week on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show Tracy from the Capital Region beat Eric Zane and the next day they talked about Q103's own Dalton Castle. They just mentioned how much fun our bus drivers are on the show, they can't stop talking about us! but …
American Sex Laws (NSFW, Language)
On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they keep playing audio from a Congressman from Florida who says that Texas is the "crazy state." The audio that The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show is of the Congressman from Florida attacking some weird T…
What Classic Movie Are You Missing Out On?
Eric Zane of The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show has never seen "Poltergeist" & I have a friend who has never seen any of the "Back To The Future" movies. Me... Well I am a Real American Movie Critic, however I must confess, I have nev…
Does Pantera Suck?
The guys on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Show may be a bunch of ball-busters, but I am sure they didn't mean it when they said that Pantera sucks. However, I would love to see Eric Zane tell Phil Anselmo that Pantera sucks to his face. I like to instigate, it is the American thin…
Controversy & Cosby Jokes
This morning The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show have allot on their plate. The Cowboys/Packers playoff game ended in controversy and then there was all the results and celebrity antics from the 2015 Golden Globes.
Pregnancy Problems & Solutions By A Man
Free Beer just announced that his wife is pregnant with twin boys! Congratulations to Free Beer. His wife however is going to be carrying the twins for another 9 months and she already has a bit of the pregnancy insomnia. There was also talk of some disappointment, because they wanted one of the twi…
Wrestling Catchphrases Are Fun
You know something brother? Free Beer & Hot Wings may think that this guy is the worst Play-By-Play guy for using wrestling catchphrases, but IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT THEY THINK!
Do You Regret Your Tattoo?
On The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show today, the guys played a clip about a Detroit Lions fan (not me) who got a tattoo on one of his calves that said "Detroit Lions 2015 Super Bowl Champions." The man now regrets his tattoo.
Free Beer & Hot Wings …
Beat Zane at his own Game
While The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show are on their holiday break, I feel that it is the best time to rally! I have been listening to Free Beer & Hot Wings everyday since August and I rarely hear any of our Q103 listeners playing Dumber than Zane Trivia.

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