New France Law Bans Bosses From Calling Workers After 6 PM
We've all been there; sitting at home in the evening or weekend, off work, when your boss calls you asking to either come in to work or do some 'off hour' project that's due the next business day.
How would you like the ability to, essentially, tell them off and hang up on them? I…
22-Year-Old Dude Makes $20,000 Selling Canned Air
This story has proved that there are a lot of stupid people out there who have a lot of money they don’t want. Every now and again a simply idea like canned fresh air comes along that seems outrageous and simple and generates well past the profit it logically deserves...
Drunk Dude Passes Out In England And Wakes Up In Paris
I’m pretty sure this is pretty much the same plot as “Taken 3.” Getting drunk in one city only to wake up in another is like modern day time travel.
Nineteen-year-old Luke Harding of Manchester, England is a perfect example of this fun but expensive event.