Something To Look Forward To
Summer is over, it's never good till the last drop because no one likes a crybaby and the more you hold onto the summer the less you will be prepared for the fall, but don't worry here are some things to look forward to.
Q103 Rock’n Super Bowl Review (VIDEO)
The Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers at Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco, and if I had to choose one song to describe the big game, that song would be Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir."
I say "Kashmir" because Super Bowl 50 was an epic tale of two quarterbac…
It’s National Make Fun Of A Patriots Fan Day! (VIDEO)
The New England Patriots, lost the AFC Championship game, to the Denver Broncos, I would like to repeat that. The New England Patriots, lost the AFC Championship game, to the Denver Broncos.
New England Patriots fans, are annoying, most of them jumped on the bandwagon between 2001 and 2004, the same …
Who Is Going To Win The Super Bowl?
The NFL's regular season is over, we have our playoff picture, and it is now time to make your Super Bowl predictions! What does the winner get? Pride.
I did not choose the image of Peyton Manning pointing, because I think that the Broncos are going to win the Super Bowl, I picked this image, because…
The Detroit Lions Finally Won, But Fans Are Still Upset (Video)
The Detroit Lions won their first game of the season yesterday, but this Detroit Lions superfan, is very upset about being ejected from the game.
And I thought I was a big Lions fan...
Being a Lions fan, may be the only thing I have in common with this guy, because I have never been ejected from any t…
C- NFL Week 2 Pre-Analysis
Last night Peyton Manning pulled off a late 4th quarter comeback, and proved that he is not too old yet, and that my Dad should leave the picks up to me in our Pick'em league.
C- Expert Analysis Of Week 1
Week 1 is not over yet, but there is plenty of o talk about, from another bad decision from the Seahawks, to another Ndamukong Suh moment, and those are just the funny stories.
NFL – Biggest Hit Of Week 1
What a great opening week of big boy football!!! We saw some great games, unexpected winners, and even an overtime game.
I was impressed by the Bills shutting down the strong Colts offense, I thought the Rams looked good, and the battle of rookie quarterbacks between the Titans and Bucs was an unexpe…

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