Unemployed Couple Visits Disneyland Every Day for a Year
While the rest of the unemployed masses dutifully send out resumes, a California couple decided on a different strategy instead and went to Disneyland every day for a year. And what did they get for this achievement? A free night in the Dream Suite, a luxury apartment located in the park's New …
Come To The Disney Side, We Have Star Wars Now.
When I heard about the Lucasfilm and Disney merger I had to comment. I am a huge fan. Like Billy Fucillo Huge. I saw the original Star Wars in 1977 at the Vail Mills Drive-in near Broadalbin, when my older sister Kathy, decided to take me because we both shared a love of science fiction. Star Trek w…
Disney Buys Rights To Star Wars And Plans New Films
Disney has purchased Lucas Films from Star Wars creator, George Lucas, for just over four BILLION dollars.  With the purchase comes the rights to the mega hit and Disney has stated that not just one more film will be released but multiple sequels are planned for Darth Vader and company.

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