Fake Car Gets Ticketed by Police
Talk about having fun with this winter weather! News 10 abc reported earlier today that a fake car, made entirely of snow, was ticketed by police.  The incident occurred in the land of our northern neighbors- Canada.  And more specifically, it was a fake DeLorean...
The Five Coolest Movie Cars Of All-Time
Every time I see a bad ass car in a movie, I think, "Damn, why am not driving that fine machine!?"  Sadly, I find myself saying that all too often.  I decided to make a list of the top five cars I have seen in movies that I wish I could take for a spin, or fly.
The DeLorean is Coming Back To The Future
The car made famous in the Back To The Future movies will soon be seen on the roads again in 2013.  The DeLorean Motor Car Company of Texas has announced they will begin production on a new line of the DMC-12 DeLorean that will actually be an electric car.  Start saving now because the pri…