When Should Christmas Songs Stop Being Played? [POLL]
As I was visiting the Clifton Park Mall on Saturday I heard Christmas/Holiday music being blasted through the speakers facing the parking lot and throughout the mall. Mind you, this is three days after the holiday, itself, has come to pass.
This made me wonder, when is the appropriate time to stop pl…
Dog Receives Best Christmas Gift Ever [VIDEO]
This dog got the gift he’s always wanted, 210 plastic water bottles.
Sure he only played with them for like 2 minutes, but he loved those 2 minutes so hard it was insane.
Some people might look at this video and think these owners just put a bunch of trash on the ground and called it a…
USPS Cut Off Dates For Holiday Delivery
Christmas is one week away and if you haven't sent your gifts yet, you might want to get on that ASAP. The United State Postal Service holiday delivery cut off dates will be occurring this weekend.
Buddy The Elf Arrested For Drunk Driving
The worst part about getting pulled over for drunk driving while dressed as Will Ferrell’s character from the movie “Elf” is your mug shot immediately goes viral. Thus is story of this Louisiana man Brandon Touchet.

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