Good News Bad News BINGO!!!
Good News: This week's Good News Bad News is a little late because I have been busy mastering our new weather system.
Bad News: Now I am the Weather Wizard, he's a villain so that means that I am a villain and the Flash is going to beat me up and lock me in S.T.A.R. Labs.
Legal Bingo age in NYS Raised to 18
Scrolling through the news, I saw an article posted by New Channel 13 about the legal age of Bingo in New York State being upped to 18 years old.  It seems it is part of the Charitable Gaming and Bingo Law, that puts Bingo on par with other gambling forms...
Local News Holiday Bingo
The local news can be quite repetitive around the holidays. It seem that there is an annual “thieves steal Christmas”, “anonymous donor”, “no manger at city hall”,”snowflakes: everybody panic&…