Build A Better Halftime Show! (VIDEO)
#@yonce has been added to the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show, she will join Coldplay in reminding everyone watching Super Bowl 50, that it is time to visit the restroom.
I remember a simpler time, when real bands performed at the Super Bowl...
Best Memes Featuring Unflattering Beyonce Pose
Back on Monday, Buzzfeed release several unflattering photos of Beyonce from her Super Bowl Halftime performance. Beyonce's managers contacted the site to remove those photos but it was already too late.
Fans got a hold of said photos and now they are taking the internet by storm in meme from. H…
Coldplay To Headline Glastonbury
No word yet on when Coldplay will release their new album, but they will be headlining a monster show and rumors are that U2 and Beyonce will joining them