Batman Vs. Superman

Batman Vs Superman Trailer (Video)
They played it on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show and now I am posting it on and our Facebook, although I really don't want to, because I read comics. That should explain this picture.
What DC Comics Movie?
In a world of recurring characters but no continuity, Warner Bros. Entertainment make movies based on characters from DC Comics, but never movies based on DC Comics. As a fan who has read over thousands of DC Comics I have lost faith in all of the new DC Comics movies.
Batman/Superman Movie Rumor Squashed
As mentioned earlier on The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show the rumors that the Batman/Superman movie will have two parts, have officially been squashed. Rumors of Doomsday and Cyborg being in the movie have not. If you read the comics like me, none of this is good news and I do…
‘Batman vs. Superman’ Adds Ray Fisher as Cyborg
Since Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot joined the cast of 'Batman vs. Superman,' we've been wondering how much of the film would function as 'Justice League: Origins.' Now that Ray Fisher has joined the cast as Cyborg, there's no mistaking that the film is meant to launch DC&a…