New Study Says Doughnuts Are Making Men Infertile
It looks like if you eat too many doughnuts you might find yourself infertile. Also in related news, if you eat too many doughnuts you never have to worry about being infertile because you will be a super fat sloppy mess who won’t be getting laid anyways...
11 Adorably Embarrassing Examples of Baby Shaming
It all started with the 'Dogshaming' meme, where owners took to the Web to expose their misbehaving pooches. Then there was bunny shaming, which taught us that even those little guys can get into trouble. But that ain't got nothin' on the latest version -- baby shaming bring…
What The Royal Baby Should Have Been Named
It’s no secret by now but the tiny little royal brat has final been named. Prince William and the duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton‘s baby will be known as George Alexander Louis.
If you are like me you think they made a horrible mistake

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