Washington Avenue Armory Naming Rights Up For Auction.
If you're looking for a little extra exposure downtown and have the $100,000 a year to spend, why not buy the naming rights to the Washington Avenue Armory? You've got until August 28th to get your bid in, with the winners expected to be announced in October...
Glens Falls Civic Center Going Up For Auction
The Glens Falls Civic Center is a special place for me. It's where I saw my first concert. The City of Glens Falls currently supports the venue, but it's not turning a profit.
So it seems the Glens Falls Civic Center will be going up for auction sometime in August...
$3 Bowl Turns In Million Dollar Profit For Family
Every go "Garage Sale-ing" and come across some really random stuff, maybe even items that you think no one in their right mind would buy? One New York family found a bowl that simply became a decorative piece at the dinner, bought it for $3 six years ago, and that bowl just sold f…
John Lennon’s Tooth To Be Put Up For Auction
Have you ever bought or put a bid on something strange? How about a human tooth? Well, if not, you will have the opportunity to real soon, as late Beatles member John Lennon's tooth will be put up auction. It is expected to sell for $16,000.
Phil Labonte To Auction Off Shoes For Charity
All That Remains vocalist Phil Labonte is a generous soul, and he is doing another good deed by auctioning off an old, stage-worn pair of shoes. This might sound a little odd, but it's for charity and these shoes have been around and could tell a bunch of stories if only they were able to talk.
Up For Grabs: Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” Jacket
Everyone knows that "Thriller" was perhaps the late King of Pop Michael Jackson's greatest hit ever. When hearing the song or even thinking of it, most people think about the famous music video with the zombies dancing along with Jackson, who is dressed in a slick red and black jacket. Wel…

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