Apparently the new trend at Taco bell is to combine two things that people like separate, and mash them together.  Their new breakfast beverage is a gross combination of Mountain Dew and orange juice. 

Did you just throw up in your mouth a little?  It's okay because so did most people.  Mountain dew on it's own is white trash enough, but to now combine it with orange juice to create some sort of hillbilly mimosa is just awful.  So what are they calling this concoction?  Mountain Dew A.M. of course.

When you think breakfast you think of a few things.  Bacon, eggs, toast, but never Mountain Dew.  Is nothing sacred any more Taco Bell? What's next?  Smashing together a hotdog and taco for a taco-dog?  Absolutely disgusting.  For you monsters who want to try this, it's only available until 11am, so drink up.