Xbox one

After months and months of speculation, Microsoft has finally spilled the beans on its latest console!

Let's do a quick roundup of the details announced regarding the new system:

- The name of the system is called Xbox One.

- All content will be stored in the Cloud. Movies, music and games.

- Completely redefined Xbox Live.

- System will be on sale later this year, probably sometime in the 4th quarter.

- 5 billion transistors, 8GB RAM, 8 core CPU with 64-bit architecture. Blu-ray drive compatibility with USB 3.0., 500GB hard drive and a new Kinect with 1080p capability.

- New Xbox controller that works across Wifi and improved Smartglass technology.

- New Xbox Live will have 300,000 dedicated servers, with the ability to record and edit your gameplay.

- Instant Live television, voice recognition, Skype and picture-in-picture ability. You can use voice commands to control all aspects of your viewing, from live television, to channel browsing and movie selections.


- Forza Motorsport 5 will be an Xbox One launch title.

- Microsoft is teaming with EA to bring FIFA 14, NBA Live 14, Madden NFL 25, and a UFC game to the new system. There will also be a new sports service called EA Ignite.

- Call of Duty: Ghosts downloadable content will be appear first on Xbox One.

We'll have more information on the new Xbox system as it becomes available. For more detailed news and articles regarding Microsoft's new system, check out the Games section of Screencrush.