One sign that warm weather is getting closer is when one of my favorite Summer time spots is ready to open up, The Barge.

One of the best places to hang out on a Summer day in the Capital Region is right on the Hudson River.  The River Front Bar & Grill, or better known to everyone as The Barge, opens up for the season on April 29th.

You can chill out at the bar or grab table, the Barge is summer time.  You'll most likely catch Q103 down there a few times this summer too.  It's always fun to hangout on deck because it has a fantastic view of the Hudson and it's passing boats.  On the weekends they have live music.  It's a great spot to get out of the heat and enjoy an ice cold drink.  Personally I like a nice Corona with lime while the breeze from the river blows in.

The food there is fantastic too.  Crab cakes, Calamari, Steamers, you want seafood, they got it.  The steamers are fantastic not to mention the seafood chowder soup.  I love the sandwiches too.  I have had a lot of Reubens, and the barges is one of the best. My suggestion is to grab a beer, order some steamers and enjoy sitting outside in the summer sun.

The best part about it is that once night time hits and it gets cooler the lights come on and band tunes up and the atmosphere gets even better.  This is hands down one of the best summer spots in the Capital Region so if you haven't been to the Barge, what are you waiting for?  I know I'll be down there so hopefully I'll see you on the deck!