GODSMACK frontman Sully Erna announced he is doing his first solo tour in May and June of 2011. The tour will be in small, intimate venues to support his first solo project, "Avalon". Sully's webpage states May 22nd at The Egg in Albany. 

Sully Erna told The Pulse Of Radio what he's planning.

"I'd like to kind of keep it a bit more intimate and let people feel close to the project, just the way everything else starts," he said. "This is more of a seated kind of show, it's more of a visual show. You know, we're putting together a really cool video package for it and it is eight musicians onstage, and they play a wide variety of different kinds of instruments. Everyone's a multi-instrumentalist, so I think just visually, even just watching the members perform, it's kind of impressive."

Sully's solo disc  "Avalon" came out last September and features flutes, cellos. hand drums, exotic instrumentation with female vocals. It  is very different from GODSMACK and is "not a rock record."

Will this show make a stop in the Capital Region?  Sully Erna's webpage state May 22nd at The Egg in the Empire State Plaza.  Shinedown played there to a sold out crowd of 900.  This show certainly has the potential to be a HOT ticket as well.  Keep listening to Q103 for the official announcement and details about when tickets will go on sale.