In a world were people gamble on pretty much anything, a few Manhattan high schoolers decided to place a wager.  The bet?  Who could make out with their smoking hot teacher first.

First of all, we would like to give a virtual high five to 18 year old Manhattan Theater Lab High School student Eric Arty.  Him and his friends made  a bet to see who could make out with their hot 26 year old global studies teacher, Julie Warning, first.  Arty won that bet.  He's $400 richer, and has quite a notch on his belt.

The New York Post has video of Arty making out with a female at a playground, but Arty is claiming that it's just a girl he knows, not Warning.   Obviously there isn't anything illegally wrong with Warning and Arty locking lips.  He's 18, and she's 26.  It's completely legal.  Morally though, that's another story.

After we saw how hot Julie Warnign was we totally tried to Facebook stalk her, but her profile has gone missing.  Warning herself has gone into hiding.  That's a shame, because we would love to have a kissing booth at Q-Ruption 2012 with Warning behind the table.

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