What's Wimbledon without a little controversy? While watching the ladies matches instead of the grace and power of women's tennis your focus turns to the grunts.  Grunting so loud that it hit 95 decibels recently and a distraction.  The controversy is now Wimbledon officials want to put an all out ban on grunting.  Monica Seles put the grunting on the map in tennis years ago but Maria Sharapova has taken it to new levels and has had grunts hit 105 decibels.  Current number 6 player Victoria Azarenka has hit 95 decibels.  A blender is 98 decibels.  So is there a competition to see who is the loudest grunter instead of winning the match?

Is the ball really that heavy that women needs to grunt like they are lifting a 300 pound object?

Azarenka has said that the release of the grunts puts more power into the ball.

Wimbledon officials feel its a distraction from the game and a turn off for fans.

You decide.