The new Rolling Stone will be available tomorrow on shelves and online. And it looks like Tyler shares some interesting stuff including an incident of Steven and Joe Perry (aka The Toxic Twins) getting a little toxic in recent times.

Some younger fans don’t know about the ‘good ole days’ of Aerosmith when they were a real rock ‘n’ roll band. Long before girly songs like ‘Amazing’ and ‘I Don’t Want Miss a Thing’ ever came out, Aerosmith used to bring it. Of course, they used to bring the drugs too which probably meant that a lot of performances were not up too par. I can’t say for sure though as Aerosmith’s prime was before my time. No matter what your opinions of Aerosmith are they have claimed to have been sober for many a years. But in this new interview Tyler leaks out that he and Perry had a little relapse a couple years ago when trying to put together a new cd. Joe Perry apparently has refused to comment on this incident.

Steven talks about all sorts of other interesting moments concerning American Idol, attempts at a solo career and his efforts to be in the ‘New Zeppelin’. All in all, it looks like a good read. Click here to find out more about the Rolling Stone interview.

Btw, here’s something from the Aerosmith era that I really dig!