Yesterday I blogged about Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler being hospitalized after falling in the shower and injuring his face and knocking out two of his teeth. It caused a one day delay in their show in Paraguay's capital city, Asuncion. Their show was rescheduled for last night, and today Tyler has updated the public on his condition and last night's show.

New information has been provided, and the cause of his falling was dizziness caused by gastrointestinal problems. We now know that the cause of the problems were due to food poisoning. However, Tyler still put on a great show, as guitarist Joe Perry tweeted afterward:

Steven even played harp with his busted lip. My mind was blown. He put on one of his best shows ever. AEROSMITH rocks on. Gotta hand it to Steven for playing the show tonight considering how sick was from food poisoning the night before. He's amazing.

Earlier today, Tyler was interviewed via phone on the Today Show about the incident. Host Matt Lauer stirred the pot a bit by immediately asking Tyler if he was sober at the time of his fall:

When asked by Matt Lauer if he was clean and sober, Tyler said, That's not the issue.

Being in the program, it's something we have to expect, the singer said of speculation that he may have fallen off the wagon. People thinking that is natural and normal. We flew last night from Paraguay after that incident and we're in Argentina for two hours. And anyone who knows anyone who uses substances wouldn't be up at this hour having a talk with Matt Lauer and the rest of America. It's nothing I don't understand. It makes me a little upset. But people think that.

So you're clean and sober? That's not the issue? Lauer asked.

No, it's not the issue, said Tyler, who added he had some food poisoning and also received stitches above his eye.

Short of having my legs taken off, people are going to expect me on stage no matter what, joked Tyler. I went out on stage last night and I wore my sunglasses for the first song. I took them off and the crowd roared. It's all about playing to the people. We rocked out. Not only did I break my face, but we broke a house record, so life is beautiful, Matt.

To hear and watch the interview with the Today Show, go here.

I give Tyler a lot of credit for performing in his current condition, and hope his fans do the same. By the sounds of the video, Asuncion enjoyed every minute of the show.

What do you think of his performance?