Tyler has been spending most of his time getting ready for his first season as a judge on American Idol, but the Aerosmith lead singer says he wants to resume work on a new album.

Right now it looks like all things Aerosmith are on hold, but front man Steven Tyler says he is trying to rally the guys so they can continue work on their new album.  It was last year that Steven fell off stage for the second time at a concert in Vancouver.  After that incident Joe Perry said that it was time for Aerosmith to take a bit of a break.

Tyler says that he has had enough down time and is anxious to return to the studio so Aerosmith can put out a new album.  Tyler said that he is having a bit of trouble reaching Joe Perry, but says if the two of them get together they can find some common ground.

We're all musicians, and what does that say for itself? We're like peripheral visionaries. We don't see what's in front of us more often than not. We see what's off to the sides. I just need to get them all together and put it together to be a band that is. That's all.

-Steven Tyler (interview with Rolingstone.com)

The fact is, a new Aerosmith album would sell, and sell big.  The band is one of those timeless acts that everyone from your mother to you love.  With the success of their Guitar Hero game they have reached out and found new fans as well.  I think that Joe Perry kind of see's that its the end of the line for the band, but Tyler doesn't want to hang it up.  When Aerosmith broke up back in the early 80's Tyler was the biggest proponent in getting them back together.  I love Aerosmith, but if the guys want to hang it up and live the simple retired life I am all for it.  I'll just throw on some Toy's in the Attic and listen to some of the best stuff those guys ever put out.