This is literally the best fight you will see today with all participants rocking Speedos and funny hats.  I never really understood where dudes water polo still requires them to wear the tiny Speedo swim suit. I know I might sound hypocritical being a pro wrestling and all but I don’t care. I wear the small trunks to show off my bad has tree trunks I call legs. The trunks maximize my mobility and intimidation. Water polo on the other hand they spend a lot of time wrapping their legs around their opponents waist. Don’t you think they would be more comfortable wearing like a compression short or long pants like some distance swimmers wear?

Clothing aside this power move this kid makes during the hand shake line is killer. I love that he utilized the opportunity of having the outside lane. If you’re going to act like a jerk-hole during the game you got to know someone is going to want to seek revenge after the game. Especial if you are in the line next to the pool. The dude who fell into the water was totally asking for it. He got shoved ever so slightly and only fell because he let his guard down. If you’re walking in the inside lane during the hand shake line you need to lower your center of gravity at all times. I mean you’re confident enough to rock those speedoes but you don’t have any common sense or muscles to back them up.