It seems as though we are hearing more and more stories about bands stopping on stage mid-performance to deliver a message to the crowd or one person in particular. Even at the Saratoga date for Mayhem Fest As I Lay Dying stopped playing because it looked as though a fan was injured. It's quite commendable and says a lot about the band. Staind vocalist Aaron Lewis is the latest musician to practice this and it can be seen in the video below.

During Staind's set at this past weekend's Edgefest VIII in Little Rock, Arkansas Aaron Lewis called out a fan who was throwing mud onto the stage:

You in the baseball hat right there, with the fucking long hair that's hiding his face, I see you lump up one more mudball and throw it at the fucking stage, I'm gonna have every motherfucker around you kick the fucking shit out of you, Lewis said, calling out one fan for his childish behavior. Yeah, you right there. F****** moron.

Did Aaron do the right thing?