After a three year hiatus, Staind is back with a new song and album. The song entitled 'Eyes Wide Open' is off their self titled seventh album which will be out in September.   Click to hear the new track.

Aaron Lewis recent described “STAIND” as “the heaviest thing we have recorded in a long time. It’s definitely one of the heaviest collections of songs that we have put together.”

“It’s completely different than the last record,” agrees guitarist Mike Mushok. “It’s more of a throwback to where we came from. I definitely think it’s fresh. It’s a modern-sounding version of a heavy Staind record. It’s pretty cool.”

Track Listing of the new album.

1. Not Again
2. Eyes Wide Open
3. Failing
4. Wannabe
5. Throw It All Away
6. Now
7. The Bottom
8. Take a Breath
9. Paper Wings
10. Something To Remind You