Congratulations Disney you’ve entertained me 3rd party through your movie “The Odd Life Of Timothy Green.”

I think the best part of being a grown up is being able to decipher reality and fantasy. Like when I watch a movie that makes me sad I can immediately deny it to people around me by saying “I’m not crying, you’re crying! I just have something in both of my eyes!” but when a kid sees a sad movie its reality. Like when this timothy green cat dies in the end of the movie all these little suckers are going to have that death in their heads to re live everyday and they will never understand that it didn’t actually happen. So Disney thanks you for being so heartless to make a children’s movie with such a harsh and sad ending. Because of you I no longer have to see the movie, I can just sit out side the theater and soak in the joy of watching children cry uncontrollably. I laugh when children cry to help me forget how empty I am inside.