You can tell a lot about a person just by looking at their search history on Google. Even moreso, you can tell just how messed up a state is by what the residents of it are using Google to search for.

Estately ran hundreds of search queues via Google Trends to come up with a list of what were the top searches per state and New York is right up with some interesting search terms like:

  • Bail Money
  • Bed Bugs
  • Bill Maher (comedian)
  • Darwinism
  • Fur Coats
  • George Michael (singer)
  • Hangover Remedy
  • Marrying Cousin
  • Propecia
  • Sniffing Glue

So 'Marrying Cousin' and 'Sniffing Glue' were among the top searches for the state. We can understand the 'Hangover Remedy' one but 'Marrying Cousin' leaves us asking "WTH?"

The Estatley blog offered up their own 'analysis' of our searches by saying:

The saddest day in a New Yorker’s life is the day you raise bail money by selling your fur coat. 

Our version of the analysis goes:

I sold my fur coats for bail money because I married my cousin after a night of sniffing glue and listening to George Michael. Now I definitely need a hangover remedy.

Stay classy New York!

Check out each states' breakdown HERE