Just when you thought Oldman Winter had packed up and decided to take shelter for the next few months, think again. Mother Nature has us in her cross hairs and she's ready to pull the trigger. 

I'm not gonna get into weather models or time of arrival predictions. I'm not. But I will say this: Our friends who get paid decent coin to take guesses are saying we could see 3-6 inches starting Wednesday night with the 'storm' finishing up Friday morning. Oh, I guess temps will stay moderate so expect some rain mixed in. I guess I did go into 'time of arrival' predictions didn't I? Whatever, it will be here when it gets here, I guess.

For the record: While temps have been some what mild here and there for the last few weeks, put your shorts away. It's still March and this is Upstate, NY. If anything Mother Nature and Oldman Winter could decide to put the finishing touches on our winter with a ton of snow sometime next month. Then again, It will probably be 70 and sunny by Sunday. Only meteorologists know the answer to that ;-)

School Closing, delays and everything weather related can be had here.