As much as it pains me to write about, much less acknowledge, the atrocity that is ANYTHING Jersey Shore related, I couldn't let this one slide.  In her latest appearance on Conan, Snooki reveals her "oh, so soft" skin secrets which probably should have been left in the trash where she came from it belongs.  And, no, I'm not talking about the stark orange hue of her skin either.

Check out this snippet from last night's Conan where Snooki divulges her secret for soft skin.  It's so ridiculous, that I'm going to ruin the surprise and tell you flat out before you watch it - kitty litter.  She scrubs kitty litter on her face (albeit clean kitty litter, but...) all to save a buck.  And the cliché is complete!  So what if the litter is unused!  So is the water in the bowl after you flush; are you really gonna grab a pint glass and take a big, healthy swig from the bowl if the sink isn't working?  Between this, her admission that she's cheap (from her own mouth - no joke), and her "culturally appropriate" penchant for orange skin, I'd almost be tempted to watch an episode of Jersey Shore.  Almost, but still probably never going to.  Correction: will never watch - EVER.

Just an afterthought, anyone else think she should campaign for being the new Syracuse University mascot?  They wouldn't have to change a thing about their mascot and she'd never have to wear a uniform.  Just sayin'.