Last week, news broke out about a couple announcing their baby's name of Hashtag Jameson via Twitter nonetheless. The interwebs were in an uproar over the validity of the baby's name and questioned the parents' thought process. To start us off this week, Apple products are also making waves in baby names.

BabyCenter revealed their "Top Baby Names of 2012" list. References to Pop Culture items reigned supreme this go around - It also proved these parents have no imagination and are lazy.

The name "Apple" rose about 15% this year. Many can make it a reference to the tech company, while others may try to justify it as the name of the first daughter to Chris Martin of Coldplay and wife Gwyneth Paltrow.

"Mac" was on the rise for a boy's name. Most of the time Mac is used as a shorter version to girl's name, ala Mackenzie, but I'm going to go on a long shot here and say it's in reference to the computers.

And the most God awful idea for a name in reference to technology this year? Siri. The name had a 5% rise, not much but enough to notice. The name is used for the voice assistant for Apple products. I'm sure some idiot had no clue and said, "Siri, what should I name my child?".

For fans of "50 Shades of Grey", Grey is also on the rise too. Can't wait for the parents to explain to their kid what exactly they were named after - the book that got Mommy horny and Daddy in a lot of trouble. Funny offset though, the name "Christian" was on the decline.

Did you come up with an inventive name for your kid?