William Shatner has teamed up with former Ozzy guitarist Zakk Wylde for a rendition of Iron Man for his upcoming album due out sometime in 2011.

Yes that is correct, William Shatner is doing a cover of Black Sabbaths Iron Man for his new album called Seeking Major Tom which will be out later this year.  Not only is he covering the classic tune, but he actually got Zakk Wylde to perform guitar on the track.  I knew Captain Kirk had connections but this is impressive.

Shatner let his fans know about the cover via his Twitter account late yesterday.  This should be a pretty interesting cover.  If it's anything like Shatners other songs he will be making it his own and it will be far from a cover.

Zakk is one of the great guitarists who played with Ozzy Osbourne. A master playing a cover of IRON MAN. He's fantastic! I’m energized.

-William Shatner via Twitter

This isn't the first time that Shatner has dabbled in classic rock.  We all remember his famous rendition of Elton Johns Rocketman.  Some may call it odd, I call it brilliant.  He did that as a joke, but has turned it into bit of a hobby.  Seeking Major Tom will be Shatner's 5th album.  I think it's awesome that at almost 80 years old he is still out there doing whatever he wants.