It's been nearly a week since SharkNado was a huge hit on social media with the SyFY Channel premiere of the movie. Since then, the internet has been a buzz about the horribly horrible B-movie and if there will be a sequel - We now have that answer.

According to Mashable, SharkNado screenwriter Thunder Levin says a sequel has been in the works since long before the movie actually aired on television. Although he gave very little details on the potential film, he did say he was pleased with the reaction of the first installment's premiere

It's really gratifying that people have been taking the film in the spirit it was intended.

I measure success by whether the audience enjoyed it. We're just trying to create entertainment here, so if people are happy and if they're having fun with it, then I'd say it's a success.

When asked about the over-the-top antics and themes in the movie:

Whenever anyone from the Asylum or Syfy teams would question if something in the script had gone too far or was too over the top, I'd just say 'It’s called Sharknado!' and that pretty much was the end of it.

UPDATE [3:38pm 7/16/13]: The Asylum has confirmed that Sharnado 2 will see a 2014 premiere on Syfy Channel. The sequel will take place in New York City.

Syfy has announced they want your suggestions for the film's title. On Twitter, tag @SyfyMovies and use #Sharknado followed by your suggestion for what the movie should be called.

As we wait egerly to see the next chapter, the internet has already created some mock-up poster ideas for the title. (There are people who have way too much time on their hands out there).