The other day, BJ mused aloud (that is to say, on Twitter), “What is it about garters and stockings that drive men wild?”

I assured him that many of us ladies have a thing for stockings and garters as well. The silky glide of material trailing across the rarely touched curve of our calves, sliding over our knees and coming to rest conveniently between our thighs at a level that shows just enough skin to tease our fellas to attention. The straps stretched taut across the tops of our stems hold us in a gentle sort of bondage that excites us in a way that only comes with knowing our carefully put together plan to seduce you is working.

So, you wanna drive your lover wild. You want to wriggle between their brain crinkles into their sexual psyche so deep just the thought of you makes them blush with desire and tremble with anticipation in the middle of the day while they're doing dishes or some other mundane thing. Who doesn't? There's not much that's more exciting than knowing you turn someone on.

It's not difficult. A delicious game of cat and mouse that begins with a tawdry glance and leads you right to heaven's gates.

Stop laughing at yourself and really pay attention to what you'd like your girl to read in your eyes. “You're so hot. I'd love to screw your brains out.” would be appropriate in this case.

Some girls like guys in boxers. Others like briefs. I'm a sucker for a nicely put together outfit. It doesn't have to be fancy, or even in style. It just has to look good on you. Matter of fact, if it were me, the only reason I'd let you take them off is so you don't get jizz on your pants. Mine or yours. Find out what your girl likes, and buy it for her.

Some fellas like the girl in the black hat with the rocky hair and holy jeans. Others like the elegant beauty wearing this winter's latest fashion with angled cheeks and dark eyes. But none of 'em will turn down a lady in sexy lingerie and heels. Especially if she's wearing a garter and stockings. So get your girl some, and let her know how much you'd like to see her in what you get her.

Don't go crazy with candles, or flowers. A single red rose says more than a bed full of petals if you do it right. Clean your place and dim the lights. Put on some music and ask her to dance for you. Something slow that she can move her hips to. And when she does, tell her what she's doing to you.

Keep your eyes on her. I watch my guy's eyes. They linger on curves and delight at bare skin. They ravish me openly and tell me exactly how he's feeling. His excitement revs up mine, and stokes a fire between us.

Talk. About things you like about her. About your interests. About the places you'll take her and the things you'll do. About how you'd like to lay her back and devour her, or let her devour you. And make sure you react to her. Cat and mouse isn't much fun if the cat's not really into the mouse.

Be confident in your advances. You know she wants you just as much as you want her. Let her know you know. Sit close to her. Put your lips beside her ear and speak in low tones. Let her catch you savoring the smell of her.

Touch her. Not anywhere sexual. At first. Touch her wrist, or the back of her calf, or the small of her back. Allow yourself to enjoy that thin, silky fabric barely protecting her curves from your fingertips. Slip your index finger between those garters and her thighs. You know you want to. You've been thinking about it since she walked in the room. You'll find before long she can't keep her hands off you. Or her lips. Or her... Well, that's for you to figure out, stud. Me, I'll be over here trying to seduce my man.