Breaking news out of New York City, several people have been shot near the Empire State Building according to news sources.

WABC news in New York City is reporting that several people have been shot at Fifth Avenue and West 34th, right near the Empire State building. Fifth Ave. has been closed down. According to reports, the gunman is dead.


UPDATE:  The latest reports are stating that eight have been injured and two people are now dead from the shooting near the Empire State Building that occurred around 9:00 AM this morning.

Jason Sickles of Yahoo has released the name of the gunman and reason for this heinous act.  According to Sickles, the gunman was 53 year old Jeffrey Johnson, a women's accessories designer.  Johnson was fired from his job due to downsizing at Hazan Imports, a company inside the Empire State Building.  Johnson was targeting his 41 year old boss and shot a co-worker with a .45 caliber gun.