The third solo album from the multi-talented Serj Tankian (best known for him time as front man in System of a Down) hits stores on July 10, and all the details have been released. Harakiri will follow 2010's Imperfect Harmonies and 2007's Elect the Dead.

Just in case you're curious, the word harakiri, in Japanese, means ritual suicide- a topic that meshes well with Serj's political activism background and work, which he often combines with his musical side. Serj produced the album himself at his Los Angeles home studio, as he did with his previous two solo works. This time, however, he used his iPad as a songwriting instrument and created three of the album's songs using just that. In addition to his solo material, the record will also feature performances by his other project, The F.C.C., which features Mario Pagliarulo on bass, Troy Zeigler on drums and Dan Monti on guitar. Monti also had a hand in the mixing and engineering of the album, alongside Serj. The well-acclaimed Vlado Meller mastered Harakiri.

The album's track list, which Serj cleverly revealed in a statement, is as follows:

  1. "Cornucopia"
  2. "Figure It Out"
  3. "Ching Chime"
  4. "Butterfly"
  5. "Harakiri"
  6. "Occupied Tears"
  7. "Deafening Silence"
  8. "Forget Me Knot"
  9. "Reality TV"
  10. "Uneducated Democracy"
  11. "Weave On"

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Below is the lyric video for the album's first single, "Figure It Out"

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