Not everyone loves the tactics of Donald Trump. And now the star of one my all time favorite shows Jerry Seinfeld is now officially on that list. 

Last week Jerry Seinfeld withdrew from a charity event that is backed by Trump. Although Donald has cracked on Jerry for this, I’m confident that Seinfeld will find away to compensate with another donation of time or money somewhere else. When asked about the Donald, Jerry said “I love Donald Trump, all comedians love Donald Trump. If God gave comedians the power to invent people, the first person we would invent is Donald Trump... God's gift to comedy.”

 For the past few weeks I’ve really been considering that if Donald Trump were to run for Presidency that I would actually vote for him. Why not? As far as a business aspect of where America needs to be financially, how could you not want to choose him? Some may question his approach by showing what may be considered as a lack of respect for President Obama, and I can see that angle of ‘who is he to be question the President of the United States?’, but not only do I disagree with almost everything that Obama says and does, I have always found it hard to believe a guy that has every word come from a teleprompter. How can you ever speak from the heart when you’re reading all the time?