It wasnt that long ago that Seether performed at Northern Lights in 2011.   That show in May was one of approximately 150 shows to support their new album 'Holding Onto Strings Better Left To Fray'.  Seether frontman Shaun Morgan said next year the band hopes to play over 300 shows.  The band originally from South Africa plans to spend Christmas this year in New Hampshire as their scheduling couldn't get them home for the holidays.

Morgan says to expect an insane amount of touring– try an upwards of 300 shows!

There’s not much time for us, we get two weeks, either way, to relax and reconnect, and then we’re back out there again. We’re looking forward to doing a proper national tour next year. It’s important to play as many cities as possible – so that’s what we’ll do.
Shaun Morgan

Seether was one of rock more successful bands in 2011.  They were able to have two songs hit number 1 on the Billboard Rock Charts with Country Song and Tonight.