Alice in Chains drummer and original band member Sean Kinney opened up to me about his music and favorite swim attire. As Q-Ruption 2013 grows near I felt it was important to get inside the head of one of the largest acts of the show. Alice in chains have been rocking people’s faces off since I was less than a year old and Sean Kinney was able to take me a short ride of what it has been like for the band in the past 26 years. I’m not sure where the interview took the left turn (maybe Albuquerque) but we somehow get on the topic of mullets and awesome swim attire and that’s where the real magic happens. Enjoy this interview I had with Sean Kinney of Alice and chains.


“It’s been pretty amazing amazing cool highs, interesting strange things and really horrible lows…”

“We’ve always been great friends and we operate like a family.”

“We kind of make records for ourselves, not really thinking about anybody or anything…”

“You play music and you hope that people show up and dig the music and then you get to spend that time together and that’s the whole point.”

“Just keep polluting the air and I think we’re all going to have to adapt…grow some gills.”

“Every time I go swimming now I wear like leather pants.”

“…and I keep my mullet intact.”

“Yeah I got a bad attitude, thanks for pointing it out…”

“Mr. Upbeat, that’s what they call me…I’m a little ray of sunshine.”

“…apparently a mythical guy with cloven hooves crept around the globe and hid hundreds of millions of old bones to fool you…”          - Sean Kinney (Alice In Chains) -