Nearly 50 year old pedestrian bridges in Schenectady will soon be coming down.

According to the Times Union, the pedestrian bridges have long linked the Schenectady County Community College with the General Electric plant and the City Council plans to back demolition of the structures at a price of $1.3 million. Cost for repairing the bridges would cost $3 million, and replacements would cost $6 million. The cost to keep the bridges functional is more than the city can afford according to City Engineer Chris Wallin. Wallin also said that the city was responsible for bridge inspections each year that cost around $20,000. He did acknowledge that GE employees do utilize the bridges and he did receive over 50 emails from employes that said that they use the bridges for recreational purposes.

How will the demolition of the downtown Schenectady pedestrian bridges affect you? Will you miss the nearly 50 year old structures?