Not sure if this was a pressing issue but the City Council of Schenectady thought it was.

Monday night the council voted to amend a current city ordinance and restrict the sales of single cigarettes, also known as loosies. 

In the 6-1 vote, one lone councilmen stood out saying that the new law was rather redundant. Vince Riggi, in comments made to the Times Union, stated:

I just see it as redundancy and another law that is unenforceable. We have enough ordinances on our books that are not enforceable.

If someone is caught selling loosies they could face a fine of $250 and up to 15 days in county jail. Also, stores that rack up several offenses from the new law and several other city ordinances could have their certificates to sale revoked by the city.

Keep in mind, the state already has laws against the sale of single cigarettes. That has lead some residents questioning why time was spent passing a new ordinance. City council members say that current state laws are virtually not enforced and that the new ordinance would give Schenectady Police the power enforce the ban.

We will be waiting for the first ticket to be issued for violating the new ordinance but not holding our breathes.