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This sounds like the most delicious drug abuse ever. Who would have thought the stuff I use to binge eat when I was 12 would someday be used to get me drunk?

News 10 reported last night a story about how kids are finding new ways to get their fix using house hold materials. I wasn't sure what I was watching when I saw them pouring gummy bears into a glass but then the faceless people told me more. Cough syrup, hand sanitizer, skittles and gummy bears are all excellent ways to get high. Or at least that’s the message I got from this news story. This package is intended to WARN students and parents of the dangers but what I see is the recipe for a good time. Thanks for visually showing me and the youth of our nation the way News 10.


PS: I had no idea the use of gummy bears is the gate way to a heroin addiction.