William Mitchell, not pictured, has been playing Santa Claus for 6 years. He isn't a mall Santa, rather one that is hired for private parties and corporate gathers. Recently William was told he had to pony up money for a Business License or get fined.

The issue wasn't the license, which only cost $30, but how it was presented to dear ol' Saint Nick.

William stopped off at the Shelby County Clerks Office in Memphis in hopes they would hire him for their Christmas party this year. In return, William got a letter in the mail stating he needed to obtain a $30 Business License to continue working as Santa. The county office was serious too, as they threaten prosecution if he didn't get the license.

WIlliam did what most would do, he paid the bill and got the licesne. $30 might not seem like much to fight over but that money represented only 30% of what William made last year playing Santa.

The fine county office folks will be getting coal in their stocking this year because as it turns out; you only need the license if you make over $3,000 a year for a business. William has now asked for a gift from the office in the way of a refund.