I have discovered a safe and effective alternative to the cruel phenomenon sweeping the Internet known as “Knockout."

I remember when I was growing up, the game of “Knockout” consisted of two basketballs and a line of people shooting from the free throw line. However, the new age knockout is similar to what my older brother and I would play with each other, but without all the love.

“Knockout” is when one douche runs up on another unsuspecting douche and punches them as hard as they can, trying to knock them out. The trick is to be as big of a d-hole as possible while having a third douche capture the whole thing on camera. If you cause a concussion, then you win. To see some horrific examples of this CLICK HERE.

After learning about this concept sweeping the Interwebs, I reflected back to a video I made many moons ago. I was inspired after watching a random knockout video to make a new alternative to this dangerous game. We’ll keep the concept similar with a little twist. I call the game “SuckerKiss!”

Check out the video above to get an idea & then

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